Always Cherish The Bond Of Love

We need a day to celebrate togetherness,
We need a reason to spread cheerfulness.

Why it has to be some day to cherish love?
Why do we expect a surprise to make us feel loved?

Is loving daily doesn’t prove my deepest feelings for you?
Is my spreading little happiness in your life means nothing to you?

We humans are bounded with some common perceptions,
We seaman’s of life always need a direction.

Celebrate every single moment of your life with your beloved,
Cherish every single feeling that makes you feel closest.

Note: This is totally my point of view. I believe that if your beloved is treating you like a princess every single day and forget to wish you Valentines day. Don’t get angry and think about those several days when he loved you more than anything else. But I won’t forget to wish all the writers and readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Contact : Blend of Sentiments 


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