The Virtual Life

The world has become technologically advanced,
The minds of the people need so much to grasp.

Everyone is busy with their own personal gizmo,
Nobody remembers the fun they had with their family when they were little bambino.

Gone those days when people use to sit and laugh together,
Now you need to look a GIF file on your device to laugh out louder.

No more family that eats and share thoughts together,
No more friends that use to whisper on your ears the latest gossip they gathered.

Everything has become so materialistic,
That’s the reason you need to visit some place so holistic.

The peace of mind has gone forever,
Now you need a gadget to brighten your soul’s sparkle like forever.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Google

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


21 thoughts on “The Virtual Life

  1. From pets to stereo, from painting till outdoor games, literally everything is upon gizmos. Even feelings are expressed via blogging/social media, you post that stuff, it comes from one gizmo or another. However it is a sad truth and you reflected it. Keep up the good work. πŸ˜‡

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