The One That Got Away

The dream of spending my life with you,
Turned into a never ending wait for you.

The heat between our souls was so voluptuous,
The magic that evolve between us is so glorious.

There are countless nights of wait for your one sight,
There are never accomplishing hope that you will return one night.

I am exceptionally in love with you,
I am helpless, I can’t forget you.

I keep on asking myself, should I blame you?
I keep on wondering all day, should I disgrace you?

May be to be with you is not in my life’s love edition,
May be you are not the only reason of our broken relation.

I know it’s high time to move on with new perception,
But it’s hard to forget the feel of your touch’s addiction.

I’m on the verge of signing off from my lonely life,
I’m on the way to find a real meaning of my survival’s hike.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Google

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


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