The Final Good Bye

Knock knock !! Hey mom, good to see you after such a long time. Mom ? Are you listening to me? What are you searching? I’m talking to you.Are you going to ignore me now for not coming to meet you from past 3 years?I was busy with work, you know how it goes. Mom? Why are closing the door?I am standing right here in front of you. Can’t you see me?

Second time – knock knock!!

Mom? Enough now. You are scaring me. Are you ohkay? No reaction again. Now, he was worried that is her mother is doing some prank or she can’t see him. After a few hours while he was sitting near the door, he saw his father coming and crying like hell. He got tensed and tried to talk to him. But same no response. Then some how he managed to go inside the house. There was his father telling his mother that our son died in a road accident. We have to go for his cremation. I have done everything. You just have to come with me. He was amused as he was standing near to his father and shouting what are you saying. I’m alive and standing right next to you dad. He went to the cremation to see what was going wrong. He was still thinking that his parents are punishing him by doing such prank. But when he saw the person lying in the coffin. His nerves got stuck and his heart stopped for a moment. It was him.

Then he realized that God gave him the last chance to see his family before saying final good bye to his body and soul.

By : Tanushree

Picture Courtesy : Google

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


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