A Musical Love Story

They met in the gust of music, trying to fill the world with melodies. Their main drive was to make the passion of music their life. Same determination and same love – MUSIC. There was no space left in their hearts for any other emotion, just the conviction to convert their dream into reality. On one bright day, he was playing a tune on saxophone and suddenly her heart felt the sentiment attached to that tune. She turned around to see who was playing that tune and that was the first time she saw him.

A tall boy with great personality was effortlessly playing that heartwarming tune in saxophone. It was something that deeply moved her soul and she felt the “Love at First Sight” sentiment. She approached him and told him that his tune was amazing and she was so much touched. He liked the appreciation and you won’t believe that gorgeous girl was his all time crush. And she got to know this when he acknowledged her guitar skills. That moment was the moment of love and affection. It was the beginning of never ending love story which was created by MUSIC. Their love for music made them fall in love with each other. Without wasting a single moment the boy expressed his love to her and dedicates a tune that moved every string of her heart and guess what? She said “YES”. It was just perfect.

Music can give your mind the peace it needs and give your heart the joy it requires.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Google

Contact : Blend of Sentiments 


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