Last Nail In The Coffin


It is said that childhood buddies are closer to your heart than your siblings. They give you the hand of support during your melancholic phase. They share your happiness and become the reason of your smile. They give you those moments that will cheer you up when you will open your book of friendship even after a decade. They even help you to get the love of your life, so is it fine to leave that priceless friendship for that love of your life?

Well, she did that. She broke her childhood friend’s heart to fill love in his beloved’s life. Is it ohkay, to trust someone so blindly in love that you don’t even think twice whether your friend was right or your love? She just heard some rumors that his closest friend was talking rubbish about her with his so called, not so close friends and she trusted that rumors without even confronting his friend.

Just because his beloved told her the entire story. My point here is that, people don’t even have any individuality or mind of their own. How can you even break your century old friendship and heart of someone who knows you so well more than your own parents. Is it fair? Is it friendship? I don’t think so. Even your enemies gets the chance to explain their part then why not a friend?

They broke apart and the worst thing she did was, she spread false rumors about his closest friend just to take revenge. When he comes to know this, he was shattered because he was still trying to bring her back in his life, as he was unable to forget those golden moments they cherished together. Now, after this ridiculous incident from her side, his soul was crying, but he decided that this was the last nail in the coffin by her and he buried the coffin of their friendship forever.

Note : It’s hard to find the love of your life, but it’s harder to have a trustworthy friend. If you find one, don’t lose it over such petty things.

By : Tanushree

Photo courtesy : Google

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


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