Passion + Career = Breathtaking Combo

There was a charming, attractive and most adorable girl in this small hill station. She was very comfortable and satisfied in her own small world. She never thought of adding any spark or spice in her daily monotonous life.

The only passion she had was sharing her thoughts with her diary. She uses to jot down her each and every feeling and all the beautiful and worst experiences of the day. Her diary was her best friend.

On one night, she was standing on her balcony, gazing the beauty of new moon and enjoying the twinkling of stars. It was a chilly night. Like always, she started sharing her happiness and grief with her diary. Fortunately, that night she was very happy, maybe because she inhaled the beauty of new moon and flickering stars that rejuvenated her mind and soul.

While writing, she suddenly felt some emotions, striking her mind and soul. There was something unusual was going on with her. She pens down everything what she was feeling and she was amazed by reading it. For the first time she wrote a poetry. She was so happy and excited that she shared it with her family.

Her mother almost cried as it was so deep and soulful. She was overwhelmed and very proud to see that her daughter is immensely talented. That was the moment her parents motivated her and given her the hope that she should write frequently and share it with the world. As the universe needs something to read that can revitalize them from their hectic life. Now she chose to write and pursue her career as a writer and she is enjoying every bit of it.

What I believe is reading great writings and expressing your feelings through words can tranquillize your mind.

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