An Uninvited Pain



Her soul was revived by his touch,
Her heart was beating fast.
Her senses were feeling the joy,
She was in love.
The spark on her face was telling her tale,
Those red cheeks were feeling those cold waves.
She was thrilled about her feelings,
As she never felt love before.
All the passion and care she had,
Was trying to embellish his heart.
She showered her love and waited to know his response.
But he refuses to feel the drops of love.
She felt like every part of her body was crushed,
The pain was unendurable and heart was weeping.
She deserved that love, she dreamed every single breathe with him.
It was futile to repair the broken pieces of her heart.
The uninvited pain shattered her soul and bruised her heart.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Google / Pinterest

Contact : Blend of Sentiments



7 thoughts on “An Uninvited Pain

  1. I like the idea of her embellishing his heart. It feels from this that he has one, but she needs to make it look more, better or more in line with what she wants it to look like? Not living him as he is but how she wants him to be? (We mustn’t lie…we’ve all done it. Or have we? Maybe some are lucky.)


  2. My dear friend !! All types of pain are invited in human life.enjoy every moments of life n forget d past.very much painful poem’-u have written.keep writing…..because all new creations are coz of pains.

    Liked by 1 person

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