Life After Death


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Today, a big happy family is like never finding affair. You hardly see or visit a big family who shares each and everything with each other without any expectations. I feel myself lucky that I know a family who can die for each other and a love of fountain always enhances the beauty of their bonding.

It was a lovely town where they use to live. Each small occasion and every big festival was celebrated with full enthusiasm and positive energy. Their love and keen interest on failure and success of each family member was making them more efficient.

The eldest brother gathered his courage and went to police station. Suddenly, from nowhere, rain started like it was indicating and alarming them about the arrival of storm in their life.

After reaching the police station what he saw was beyond his imagination. His younger brother was dead which was very hard to believe. It was an accident. The elder brother called his wife and told her about the incident, but she was not ready to believe it because she said that she talked to him yesterday night. That was shocking but he asked to control her emotions. He said – I am bringing him home. Inform everyone that we have to arrange his cremation.

Everything was done purely with all traditions. But, at the same night, again they received a phone call. One of the members, answered the call, he said hello for almost 1000 times but nobody was replying. It was just some crazy, weird sounds and heavy wind which was trying to convey some message to them but they were unable to understand it. He disconnected the call out of fear. At that time the wife of elder brother again tried to convince her husband that he talked to his younger brother on the same night when he died. She told him that she asked him to eat dinner and he said that yes i am serving it. She heard his footsteps and voices of utensils in the kitchen. This time he trusted her because they were also experiencing such paranormal incidents every day.

I feel that even after leaving their body, the soul still be with you. The love and affection they cherish from their family. It becomes very hard to leave them and the thought of never meeting them again, even crushes the soul. This is the reason why we often feel the presence of our loved ones, who are not with us anymore. So, collect those precious memories with your family every time you get a chance , you never know, when you might never see them again.

By : Tanushree

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


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