Something Dies Inside While You Are Still Alive

Sometimes you have to lose something close to your heart to fulfill your dream. Same happened with him. He was a perfect man with all good qualities and big dreams in his heart. No place for love or attachment with anything he has till date. Just one passion – to become the most successful person and fulfill all his dreams.


He followed his path towards victory and was focused on his goal. But, destiny has some other plans for him. He met the most cheerful, gorgeous and charming girl of that town. She was very active and always smiling. He never noticed that she was his neighbor. By visualizing her mesmerizing beauty and filled with life eyes. He was stunned and felt like thousand of butterflies were dancing inside his stomach. It was love at first sight.

He uses to stare her daily and surprisingly she was noticing his every single move. When on one sparkling day he talked to her and she was blushing. Her cheeks went red and heart beat was pumping. They both were in love and she was just waiting for him to express the most beautiful feeling to her – LOVE.

They started dating each other. They were happy and was in deep love with each other and use to spend the whole evening talking and sharing their immense love. After, 2 years of their relationship, he gave her the biggest surprise. He got a job offer from a very reputed company and it was situated around 1000 miles away from her.


But as his dreams were more precious to him, than anything else in this world. So, he chose his job over his love. And she loved him without any condition that she never said a word. He was leaving and she only said “I love you, don’t forget me”. It was the last time she was meeting him. He was so much dedicated and passionate about his career that he never looked back.

After 20 years because of some reasons he came back and searched for her but never found her. He was still searching her on every street of that town and suddenly from nowhere he saw a girl who was working as a laborer in some construction site. She was just looking like her, same charm, same sparkling eyes, but she was not her lover.

She contacted her and asked her to meet him. Finally, they met and the first question he asked was who are you? And who is your mother? She told her mother’s name and every possible detail which could help him to know who she was. She told her that a man whom her mother loved so much. Left her and never came back to even know how she was. By knowing her mother’s name he got shocked and came to know that she was his daughter. His heart melted and every part of his body was crying and wanted to scream. He controlled his emotions and asked her – where is your mother?

She said because of that selfish man, we were in very bad condition. My mother has done so much hard work to feed me and give me a better life. She died a few years back due to illness and i had no money to treat her. I hate that man who never cared to know how her daughter was.

After anxiously listening her heartbreaking story, he felt shattered and felt responsible for every pain they both have experienced. He was thinking of telling her that he is her father, but he knew that if he will convey it to her , she will not meet him again and he will lose her forever. But still, in their next meet he told her that he is her father. An explosion of mixed emotions encircled her heart. She was all confused whether to be angry or to accept him as his father.


He apologizes and asked her to go with him for a better life ahead. The promise he made to her was so heart warming that she has to say “YES”. He told her that he never knew that her mother was pregnant, otherwise he would have never left her alone. He promised her that she will fill her life with so much love and affection, which she deserves from her father. After so much persuasion she agreed to go with him.

Never leave the love of your life for something that can be achieved even by holding the hands of your love. You never know , when you realize the importance of someone special in your life. It’s already too late !!

By : Tanushree

Photo courtesy : Google 

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


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