Believe In Happy Ending

Most of us have faced endless hurdles in life and felt so much pain that now we hardly believe in happy ending. But, he did and had that determination to achieve something big in his life. He was passionate about his career and earning big bucks.


On one regular day he went to his school, just he use to go daily. Same old morning alarm, same old routine and same old way to school. At lunch break, he was moving around at school lobby. Thinking about his studies, future prospects and suddenly he heard a giggle. He stood his head to see who was giggling so loudly and then he met the love of his life. He felt a zing, an indescribable connection. His heart felt joyful, like it was indicating to him that she is the one. And the search of finding her class and resident started.

After all the hard work he did in finding her, gave him the most precious gift – her FRIENDSHIP. Now, she was the part of her friends group, but he never wanted to be her “just a good friend”. The hardest thing to do, was expressing his true feelings to her. Anyhow, he gathered all the courage and decided to tell her that he love her.

From some common friend, he got her cell number. Now, it was the time to call – Tring ! Tring ! She received the call and finally he conveyed his love for her. And guess what happened – she said NO. They were very young to even understand their true feelings for each other. The school life was over, it was the time to explore the world, to fulfill their dreams.

He went thousand miles away from her to stand on his own feet. And she was perusing her studies. She met many people and made several new friends. He did the same, but it was getting hard for him to overcome his feeling for her. Every single girl he met, the comparison grew strong and nobody was like her. Beautiful, pure hearted and fascinating.
After a few months, on one lonely night he called her again. She received the call, the normal conversation started. Then, out of nowhere she asked him “ARE YOU OKAY ?” he said fine, but missing you. She replied very cold heartedly, “Okay will talk to you later”. She was not ready for LOVE. She was scared, if he broke her heart and never come back. On another horizon, he was not able to concentrate on anything, studies, job, almost everything. But he never lost his hope, the determination and faith he had for his love. He continued, expressing his love for her, but she was still not ready.

It was a beautiful night and he was missing her. Therefore, without wasting a single moment. He called her again, she was crying and was sounding depressed. He asked her “What happened”, she replied, there is a boy whom I admire, but he was a coward, a Casanova. I thought he liked me, but he was just using my friendship as a ladder to succeed in his career.

His heart was beating like it will stop any moment, but he controlled it and asked her to leave him and cut off all her connections with him. She felt nice that after so many denials and her not interested behavior toward him. He still has the same love for her. In today’s era, it’s impossible for any boy to wait so much for that “YES” and love someone without any expectations.

They both were in connection with each other and use to share their entire day activities on call. He was happy, as she was back to normal now after that heartbroken incident. After one year, the boy got settled with a great job in his hand and she started working on a reputed company. He was thinking to share the abundance of love, he still has for her. But, this time he was scared that if the unbreakable and the special bond they share get sour.

The love he has was not in his control now. After sharing such a great connection for so many year, his hope for a “YES” was heightened. This time he thought that It’s now or never. If she said “NO” then he will never come back in her life. He called her, a sweet cheerful voice said “HELLO”. He was very nervous this time, as it was his last chance. “I want to tell you something” he said. “Yup! Im listening” she said. You know I have feelings for you which is not in my control now. I always loved you , since school time and till my last breath you will be my love. I don’t want to spend my whole life in being your just a good friend. And suddenly, she said stop, he got anxious. I love you and it’s forever – she said. It was the most beautiful night of his life. He never felt so much happiness in his entire life.

Rightly said : Never lose Hope, you never know what god has for you in his bucket of life. The happy ending is not a myth. Trust in your feelings and you will believe in happy ending.

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