It Hurts, But It’s Love


Love doesn’t knock your heart’s door with an assurance card. It just come and makes you feel special. These childhood sweethearts heard the same love song at the same moment. The zing between them flourished the air with the immense power of love.

Whenever they use to meet, the spark and adoration in their relationship strengthen every bond they shared with each other. Now, they were in that phase of relationship, where it was futile to even think of taking a single breath without each other.

On one sparkling day they decided to go on the most romantic date. She was looking like a queen in her gorgeous black cocktail dress. Was brushing her long black hairs and blushing at the thought of how he will admire her. Her cute designer diamond earrings were glowing like little stars enlightening her beauty. While she was all set to meet him and was very exciting. Suddenly, she received a phone call. It was from the hospital, he was in ICU.

Without wasting a single moment, she drove her car like it was the last time she would see him. When she reached and discuss the details with doctors. He was onto something which was next to impossible for her to believe. He was taking illegal and not so good for health stuff daily. Which was gradually poising every part of his body. She was all broken after hearing this. Every memory she wished to cherish with him was vanished.

Now, her only resolution was to make him leave all this. She knew that it will take a lot of time and patience, but she was ready to give every second of her life to save his love’s life. He got discharged from the hospital and she was all set to give a new life to his love. He agreed and followed every instruction which she conveyed to him.

He was doing fine now. The man she loved was with her now. After 4 months she again planned a date and this time they met. Everything was going well and they were enjoying every bit of their date. The love was in the air and everything was going smooth. She was very happy to see him fit and fine. While they were having dinner, all of a sudden he started puking and fainted. She got tensed that maybe the food was not right and shouted on the manager. But, when they reached the hospital, it was something else and not the food.

He was again on the same track. She was shattered and cried like a baby. Every hope and every single moment she spends with him was dying. She felt like very little thing she did for him to recover was wasted. She called his parents and left the hospital.

Now he is fine and wants to come back in her life, but she was so much in pain that he chose to lead that awful life instead of spending a wonderful, filled with love life with her. If someone is devoting their precious time, just to make you a better person. Appreciate that gesture and give them a gift of never ending love.

By : Tanushree

Contact : Blend of Sentiments


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