Do Our Emotions Harmonize With Weather?


Well, I think yes it does. Our emotions are linked with what we see, feel and what fascinates our mind. Everything is connected to each other and they gently embrace in one arm to alive buried emotions.

You must have observed it several times that when the lambent drops of rain kiss your face and the cold waves touches your hair. Suddenly the switch of romance turns on. That’s because your mind is relishing the splash of rain and making your heart fall in love with it. Whereas, when in summers, your twinkling eyes have to bear the agony of bright sharp golden light of sun, your body cries out loud and mind abandon the strength. Every single part of your body shouts and says “Take Me To The Ocean”.


Yes! Yes! Yes! Emotions do harmonize with the weather. Desire to experience your first kiss in the rain, playing with soft cushiony snow ball with your friends, holding your beloved’s hand and taking an endless walk in the spring , all these emotions are tied up with the weather. Cherish every gift, of special moments weather delivers at the door of your heart and make it unforgettable.

Photo courtesy : Pinterest & Google

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