Fill The Love Tank


With the touch of love, every breathing entity becomes divine. Love is an emotion which gives you happiness and makes you a beautiful person. She believed in it as many of us do. Her single bad attribute was that she never shared any feeling with anyone, not even with the person she loved so much.

Hope is the only sentiment which is more vigorous than fear. And instead of adopting the most pure and faithful feeling HOPE she chose to walk in the aisle of FEAR. And never gathered the courage to express her love to the most adorable person in her life. The breeze of love was touching the heart of both the amazing people. They both use to share a lovely bond, he use to guide her regarding career, life and many times he tried to show his affection to her but she has never shown any reflection of love. She filled her love tank, but never shown even a glimpse of it.


But on, one bright sunny day, she accumulated all her energy to express her deepest feeling to that special person. Now she was all set to flourish her buried emotions into his heart, but destiny has some other plans for her and without even a little murmur, the love of her life drifted away. He already found his love and she was the first person he shared his wedding news.

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She felt like thousand of hurricanes have appeared at one time in her heart. She felt that unbearable pain like every single bone of her body was broken down. Her mind got frozen, her body was trembling. But it was too late to make everything right, it was too late to even think about the happiness of being loved by the person you love more than your life. Now, she is sitting lonely and gazing the flickering stars without any companion to hold her hand and make her feel special.


Well said by someone “It’s now or never”. She could have got the love, she always waited for. But instead of HOPING to get loved by someone special, she got trapped in the circle of FEAR. So, friends, it’s better to fail in love than not to fall in love and expressing it without wasting a single moment.

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