Fighting Your Inner Darkness


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Well said by Ben Okri “An inner darkness is darker than an outer darkness”

If without trapping your thoughts in the cage of goody goody image, you will surely going to agree with me that every individual on this earth has a demon inside, which most of us don’t like to showcase. But that demon lives within us beneath our inner darkness area. The more you hide them, the more they appear.

You must have noticed plenty of times that when you encounter any sort of fight or argument and it gets a little dirty, that’s the moment when you see and face your inner demon. And suddenly after a second you realize that you do have another side of your nature which you have never come across. That’s the demon inside you, which tries to overshadow your goody goody image when you confront any such situation which is either shattering your soul or humiliating your dignity.

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What I feel is that let the demon from your inner darkness appear, because sometime your humanity doesn’t work right for you. Stop fighting with it and suppressing it. In this era of technology, even humans do act like machines – no feelings, no humanity and no love, just a selfish motive. In such situations, if you think that you can handle this materialistic world with humanity and care, then I’m sorry to say my dear friends, you will hurt yourself every time.

Therefore, do not suppress the demon taken birth from your inner darkness. Let him accomplish his part in your life and help you to fight with this vicious world.

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