Playing in the field of emotions


We humans are filled with a plethora of emotions, some like to showcase it and some prefer to hide it for lifetime. Is it good to exhibit it or hide it? I have never understood this concept. I guess nobody has that perfect answer for it. Some blame it on nature, upbringing and circumstances and some refuse to even answer.

You must have heard and experienced it yourself. When you express any sort of emotion in front of your friends or colleagues or even your loved ones – you are definitely going to get this answer (Loud laughter- how loud he is) / (getting emotional easily – she loves to cry) (soft hearted – he is scared of everything) and many more such comments, which suddenly describes your character and nature to them. How convenient!! This is the world we live in. You don’t even have the right to express your emotions as per your wish. This is the only reason why some people hide their emotions and then we call them introvert. Actually, the fact is, they refuse to accept any such label on their emotion. Therefore, they prefer to adapt the vow of silence.

Well, life is a playground and we are playing in the field of emotions. Every relationship is based on emotion. Be it friendship, hatred, love, respect. Even a single moment emerge in your life is because of emotion. Your feelings, what you feel, how you feel, is what matters and is what describes you and creates your individuality between millions of people in this world. As a human and a well wisher, I would recommend you to be yourself and express your each and every emotion proudly, without even thinking once about those labels and comments.

We are heading to a new life with new dreams and abundance of emotions. So, take a vow that you will play as a warrior in the field of emotions and never let anyone hold you back to express your emotion as per your choice.

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