Life Without “The One”


My presence hurts you,
My existence in your life remorse you.

One day you will feel the absence of care,
One day you will miss the life we shared.

You think it’s only me, who wants to be with you,
You think it’s only me, who cannot live without you.

There will be a time, you will urge for my companionship,
There will be a time, you will do anything to relive the feel of relationship.

The room for your love in my heart is now filled with fury,
The only thing you left for me is a life replete with misery.

By : Tanushree

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You Deserve LOVE !!


Why is it hurting so deeply?
Why is it paining so profoundly?

Why did you fill my heart with trust?
Why did you broken me into pieces like a shattered minaret?

I will never be able to love again?
I will never be able to hope again?

My soul will become a silent night with no waves of smile.

Give me the reason to compose a fresh music of my heart,
Give me the pleasure to wake up in the morning with a laugh.

My spirit is giving an agonized cry,
Hug me tight and make my sorrow fly.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Rishabh Bhardwaj

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Why M I Alive?

The deep silence of my mind is provoking my heart,
There is something I’m trying to find.

Is that my endurance or the voice of my soul?
Is that my dignity or the meaning of my aliveness?

The reason I’m breathing,
The reason I’m born.

Is that to please someone?
Or gift my life a purpose to survive.

Deep down I’m fighting with my own spirit,
Whether to break all the walls of my resilience,
Or just stand and bear the tedious circle of my existence.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest / Rishabh Bhardwaj

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Proudly Peculiar

Never bend your head,
Never feel disheartened.

You may have to pull yourself too hard to win it,
You may have to face many obstacles.

But you have the ability to show your courage,
You have the spirit to make your life’s own carriage.

Let the fire burn your worry,
Let your heart enjoy the feel of glory.

Make your inner soul proud that you are differently able,
Feel the warmth of your power and make your life enjoyable.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Google / Rishabh Bhardwaj

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What seems forever was just a moment?

Loving someone from the day you started feeling your breath is eternal. They were the childhood lovers. Playing, eating, going school, enjoying college. They did it all together, they were living a life, every person on earth who loves to be in love would wish for.

Time was passing by and their heart was getting filled with more love and care for each other. One day this charming boy planned a movie and he called her and told her the time and place. She was all set to go and meet him and enjoy the movie. She was looking very pretty, white short dress makes her look like a fairy princess. He was waiting outside the hall to meet her.

She was almost there, just two blocks away from the destination. She was all happy and excited, she was just crossing the road and this big SUV hit her with full speed. He just saw the rush and moved to the accident area and what he saw broken him completely, it was her love. Her white dress was no whiter; it was all covered with her blood, and judging the amount of blood loss, it was inconceivable that she may have survived. He instantly calls the ambulance and took her to the hospital. Doctor examined her and told him to call her parents. He asks doctor that is she fine? Doctor did not answer, just told her to call her parents. He did that, her parents arrived in no time and met the doctor. He saw that after meeting the doctor her mother started crying and her father was consoling her. He went to them and asked her father, what did the doctor said? Is she ohkay? Her father replied – son, she is gone, she left us all.

He was shattered and felt his nerves were shrinking and heart was beating too fast. His tears busted out and he cried like a baby. He never thought that there will be a time when he has to experience this. He never thought that he has to live his life without her. He thought it was forever and they will be together till eternity. Every moment he lived with her was unforgettable and he will never be able to forget her. Life is very unpredictable, you think it is forever and life gives you a shock. So be happy and cherish each moment you get to spend with your loved ones.

By : Tanushree

Picture Courtesy : Rishabh Bhardwaj

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Is being ambitious makes you a bad son or a selfish human?

Well, this extremely charming boy was born with an ambition to experience every culture and to leave his footprints in every country. He worked really hard for it. His only flaw was that, he never thought of anything else except his happiness. No feeling, no relationship matters to him, other than his dream.

His father was the only person on earth for whom he still has something called care or you can say a little respect. He was the one for whom this little ambitious boy can do everything. And his father never controlled him or even bothered him ever, but always supported him to fulfill his passion. One day he received a call from one the most reputed concern. They were offering him a job that will give him everything he always dreamed of. Travelling to different countries, gasping the culture and enjoy the variety of cuisines. A life that comes with no commitments and no responsibilities.

He agreed and asked his father rather told him that he is going too far from him and cannot visit him frequently. His father loved him so much that without crushing his feelings with family responsibility, he just let him live his dreams. And he left to fulfill all his desires,

After a few months, his father started being ill and one day his illness took away his life. Every friend, every relative tried to call his son, left him voice messages but he never replied. After a few hours everyone decided that they have to complete the cremation ceremony without his son.

He was travelling to a place where there was no proper telecom service and when he returned, he received thousands of messages and missed calls. After 10 days of his father’s death, he comes to know about the most heartbreaking news of his life. His body was shivering and heart was paining but it was too late to even see his father for the last time. Every friend, every relative was cursing him for not being there with his father in his last journey. Now, society has given him a tag of bad son. Is it fair?

Is it his fault that he was in a place where there was weak telecom service or it was his father’s bad luck that he died when his son was not available? Whom to blame? Is it his son’s sin as everyone was blaming him for not being reachable? Or it was the plan of destiny? Well, there are no answers to these questions. Some will call it god verdict and some will accuse his son.

We should always analyze the situation from putting ourselves on both the situation, otherwise we will always make a wrong decision that will leave us with a sense of grief.


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